Green Element podcast interview with Tamma Carel from Imvelo Ltd (Oct 2018)

18 December, 2018


How very exciting… 😁 At the beginning of October 2018, I had the pleasure and privilege of being interviewed by William Richardson for The Green Element Sustainability podcast.

I was able to discuss Imvelo Ltd – Environmental Consultants, what we do, our business superpower and share my hints and tips to improve sustainability and environmental management for your business 💪 I had also just had the #hedgehogs for a week at this time, so look out for the cameo appearance from Blue in the video recording!😂


Green Element Weekly podcast interview with Tamma Carel from Imvelo Ltd – Published 10.12.18

We are thrilled to be interviewing Tamma Carel from Imvelo Limited, an environmental consultancy and training business that helps companies best understand environmental management and sustainability in the easiest way possible.

Being an IEMA approved service provider, she has been able to integrate environmental management with different parts of a company through cohesive courses. She is an incredible human being with lots of energy and passion to educate. Tamma has been running the business for 3 years and still has the same zeal and enthusiasm as ever.

In this podcast, she shares lots of valuable insights into running a business that’s committed to making a change and contributing to the greater good.

Resources Mentioned

IEMA ‘Environmental Sustainability Skills‘ course


Facebook: imveloltd

LinkedIn: imvelo ltd

Twitter: @imveloltd

3 Key Things

  • No step is too small, do what you can.
  • Let’s take care of the environment.
  • Educate yourself about the environment.

About Imvelo Limited

Imvelo Limited is an environmental consultancy and training business that helps educates other businesses on environmental management, sustainability, as well as legislation systems to best run their business with ease. We are also an Aima approved training provider where we provide courses that compliment environmental sustainability within a business.

What is your business Superpower?

What makes me stand out first, is my passion and enthusiasm. Secondly, I’m able to effectively communicate with my clients about environmental stuff without it being boring and showing them the importance of learning and integrating it into their businesses.

How does Imvelo Limited engage its staff with your mission and purpose?

For every new business, we start off by a leadership workshop, where I engage my staff and let them come up with the solution thus empowering them and making them more effective. This also helps shapes up the organization for longevity after I leave. What has been your biggest struggle so far when it comes to running a sustainable business and how have you overcome it? To be quite honest, I haven’t faced a lot of challenges. Setting up, I started with second-hand items and the office was shared too, which was affordable and worked. One challenge, though, is travel.

How can your clients reduce carbon footprinting?

It depends on the organisation. Our advice is for them to identify where they can start improving and make the most impact, such as waste management and start there. They don’t have to fully implement the concept because it can be quite expensive, but taking one step at a time will help.

What would you suggest to anyone who would like to get started and be more sustainable?

It’s a challenging issue to talk about since people don’t quite grasp the impact. But if companies can be able to implement systems to sustain our environment and manage the waste it would be amazing.

How did you get into environmental conservation?

It stems from my upbringing. I grew up in South Africa where people are particular in conserving and sustaining the environment. I have always been passionate about animals and nature from a very young, thus all my different careers revolving around that.

What would be ONE thing you’d want people to do after this podcast?

I would like more people to get involved in environmental enhancing let alone management since in the beginning it can be a little bit overwhelming. And also to do whatever you can, however, small it is because it’s better than nothing.

A little bit more about Tamma:

Tamma has a bunch of baby hedgehogs which she found at her backyard. She is also involved in animal rewilding and conservation.

Tamma is a Senior Environmental Consultant and the Director of Imvelo Ltd – my passion is STEM engagement and using her expertise to facilitate industry to meet the growing demands of sustainable practices. She works with businesses in all sectors to ensure legal compliance, reduce environmental risk, prevent pollution and increase resource efficiency. Imvelo stands out because it links sustainability in business with environmental needs. So not only will she advise on direct environmental issues such as natural resource requirements and waste management, She is able to support staff engagement, financial savings and business resilience planning. It’s a wonderful opportunity for businesses to be legally and environmentally sound, become more cost-efficient and do something altruistic at the same time. I think businesses have the opportunity and ability to affect change, something future generations will value highly.

Do you have any special promotions on any particular products/services that you would like us to mention?

The Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workplace suite will provide your staff with a basic knowledge of the agenda, working practices and skills to drive change in their area of business. They don’t need to be an IEMA Member to take advantage of these courses. The suite is made up of two courses; Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce is for staff in any job role or sector. The aim of this course is to provide colleagues with a practical introduction to environmental sustainability so they are equipped to make positive change within their organisation. The second course; Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers is for supervisors and managers in any sector. This course is designed to support supervisors and managers to understand strategic and operational implications that environmental sustainability has on them, their team and their department, enabling them to contribute to improving environmental sustainability for their organisation.

Key Features:

  • No prior environmental knowledge required
  • Practical activities and workshops throughout
  • Can be tailored to suit individual company needs
  • Helps ensure all staff have an understanding of environmental sustainability in order to make a positive contribution to their organisation

If you want to get in touch with us directly you can always contact us via phone/email or via our website here

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