Managing Environmental Compliance: Introducing ICOR

It’s unavoidable, there’s environmental legislation that affects you and your company.

It can be a daunting task to work out what applies to you, where to find it and whether it’s even still in force.

ICOR, the Imvelo Compliance Obligations Register, is the smart way to manage your compliance obligations. We provide a modular subscription plan that includes various compliance documents, all updated and checked by specific industry professionals.

Here are some of the reasons that the ICOR portal will give you a better service:

  • Much more user-friendly and easier to navigate legislation specific to your activities – with colour-coded sections and tabs to easily find what you are looking for (no more complicated word or excel documents!)
  • There is an area for a ‘Compliance Statement’ bespoke to your organisation in order to demonstrate how your obligations are managed
  • Online portal with 24-hour access/password protected
  • Updates will be conducted monthly but a qualified environmental consultant, so legislation is always up to date and relevant
  • You will be notified when your monthly check has been completed. If there has been an update to your register, this will be explained via email if you are required to take action
  • You will be able to download a PDF of the register if you would like to save updated versions (although version control will be managed through the portal!)
  • The Record of Checks and Changes will sit in the portal, which means no additional records for you to version control

We had our 14001 audits recently and I am glad to say we have been put forward for certification renewal. During the audit we looked quiet extensively through the Legal Compliance audits, training records and the ICOR system on legislation and these all stood up very well, and the auditor was very complimentary of the content. So again thank you for your help.”

Ian Forster

Compliance and Quality Manager

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