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Taking action at home

Taking inspiration from Chris Packham’s conference on “Rewilding the Practice”, Imvelo Director Tamma Carel decided to take action and redesign her whole garden to make it more eco-friendly with the purpose of providing a home for nature, with a particular focus on bees, butterflies, and small mammals!

Nature knows best when it comes to survival and self-governance. When nature is healthy, we are healthier too. After all, we rely on the natural world for air, food, and water.

Tamma, along with more than 47,000 people, has also signed up to the PTES and BHPS campaign Hedgehog Street and pledged to make our gardens more hedgehog friendly.

In collaboration with a local wildlife centre, Tamma uses space in the garden to foster hedgehogs that are ready for release – summers are usually very busy!

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Blogs and Insights

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How can businesses best protect life on land? 

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Hedgehog Blog: Tamma’s Tips for Helping Hedgehogs

Hedgehog Blog: Tamma’s Tips for Helping Hedgehogs

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