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Environmental training to improve the environmental knowledge of your workforce. Talk to us to understand how our award-winning environmental training can help your business.

Environmental training can do a lot more for your business than you think. Your business operates best when your workforce is elevated, educated, and empowered. Improve their environmental knowledge and professionalism by booking an informative and engaging environmental training course with us today.

No matter the size of your business, we bring a team of experts committed to developing your knowledge and understanding through bespoke training programs, giving your business a new competitive edge.

A workforce that is united, informed, and schooled in the same knowledge will find meeting and exceeding compliance far easier, as well as being more productive and competent overall.

At Imvelo, we pride ourselves on delivering informative and engagement-driven environmental courses to enhance your business. Working with every company, from small SME’s to large organisations, we strive to bring up-to-date knowledge and training to give your business the edge.

Whether you require a more hands-on approach with our classroom-based training or want to enhance your employee’s skills in their own time with our e-learning options, we will always offer you the best training to ensure legal compliance and understanding in your sector.

Our Training Modules

IEMA Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers

Your organisation or business must embrace sustainability for the future. Imvelo is proud to be the only provider of this IEMA course in the North East. Together we will rapidly up-skill your workforce.

IEMA/IRCA ISO 14001:2015 Lead Environmental Auditor Training

This 5-day environmental management systems training course is designed for those people who require an in-depth understanding of auditing techniques and skills associated with the Lead Auditor role.

Leadership Workshop: Introduction to the SDGs

Welcome to an interactive workshop that unpacks the UN Sustainable Development Goals to explain how they can help to deliver your organisation’s sustainability programmes and ambitions.

ISO 14001:2015: Leadership & Commitment Workshop

This upgrade to ISO14001:2015 introduces additional requirements for the leadership on sustainable business operations. Our workshops are best delivered in-house, for a minimum of five people.

Foundations of Environmental Law

Environmental Law is a deep and winding territory with thousands of points to consider and understand. We’ve simplified it, condensed it, and packaged it into an interesting half-day course. We will help make legislation and compliance digestible.

Carbon Footprinting and Accounting

This course provides a step-by-step breakdown of carbon footprint calculation, from identifying sources of greenhouse gas emissions in your organisation, collecting data to using freely available carbon conversion tools to calculate carbon emissions.

Pollution Prevention & Spill Response

Onsite issues such as pollution and spillages do occur and can have an adverse effect on your organisation or business. It is essential to safely control these types of accidents in the workplace to minimise any potential damage.

CIWM: Foundation/Advanced Level Waste Smart (Enviro UK)

The WasteSmart training programme is cleverly designed to help employees consider resources and waste in all operations. This will drive a positive response to resource efficiency, waste reduction, compliance, financial savings, and commitment to improved environmental performance.

Internal Environmental Auditor Training

Gain the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to complete an Internal Environmental Management System (EMS) audit. Our workshops are best delivered in-house, for a minimum of five people.

During the course you will plan an audit, develop audit checklists based on the requirements of ISO 14001 and complete a live audit on site, concluding with writing an audit report.

iema environmental training centre

Imvelo are an IEMA Approved Training Partner, and deliver the IEMA Certified ‘Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers’ training course.

IEMA courses have a prescribed specification developed by IEMA with a focus on enhancing professional development.

Through rigorous quality assurance processes, Imvelo works with IEMA to ensure you will complete the course with the knowledge and competencies validated by an individually recognised professional body.

Learners attending IEMA courses will be entitled to an IEMA certificate.

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