SECR and ESOS: Energy management and carbon reduction programmes

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting i.e SECR is a mandatory reporting framework for all large organisations, LLP’s and groups.

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a compliance scheme for large non-public sector organisations.

Effective energy management isn’t just good for business; for many organisations it’s a mandatory business requirement.

If your business is eligible for SECR reporting or ESOS, you must report your energy use and carbon emissions and we can help you do so!

SECR and ESOS for Energy Management and Environmental Compliance

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

ESOS is a legally required energy assessment and energy saving identification programme for large organisations (>250 staff/ turnover > £43million) throughout the UK.

Having an ISO 50001 certified Energy Management System, which covers all areas of energy consumption, including transport, can serve to satisfy the requirements of ESOS by acting as an alternative route to environmental compliance.

ISO 50001:2011 provides a framework of requirements for organisations to:

  • Develop a policy for more efficient use of energy.
  • Manage the risks associated with future energy supply.
  • Set objectives and targets to reduce energy consumption (and associated costs).
  • Reduce carbon emissions in order to meet governmental targets.
  • Use data collected to measure energy savings and to make informed decisions about energy use.
  • Continually improve energy management.
  • Enhance credibility in PQQ’s and Tenders through verified environmental credentials.

Imvelo can assist your business to design, build and maintain an energy management system that is bespoke to your organisation and delivers the right results for your business.

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR)

From financial years beginning on or after 1 April 2019, large UK companies will be required to report publicly on their UK energy use and carbon emissions within their Directors’ Report in the form of an SECR report. This new requirement has been implemented by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

The UK SECR regulation will impact any companies, LLPs and groups that exceed at least two of the following three thresholds in the last two preceding financial years:

  • £36m annual turnover
  • £18m balance sheet total
  • 250 employees

It should be noted that many smaller organisations choose to create SECR reports voluntarily for a host of other reasons (e.g. enhanced reputation, supports ISO 14001 etc).

Penalties for non-compliance:

This will fall under the Financial Reporting Council (FRC)’s existing remit for audit and enforcement. Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting is subject to the same compliance rules as financial reporting for Companies House. Therefore not reporting carbon emissions and energy use could attract the same penalties as a late financial filing, and if carbon and energy were unreported or misreported through SECR, a named director or the organisation may be taken to court and could face an unlimited fine.

How can Imvelo support you with SECR obligations?

Imvelo can help you determine your SECR compliance risks

We can help you with your annual SECR report submissions

We can implement a data collection strategy in your organisation, to capture relevant energy information relating to things like utilities and transport. This process can also be automated to improve accuracy and reduce human monitoring.

Calculate your Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions required for Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting and creating SECR reports

We can report your energy use, carbon emissions, chosen intensity metric, and more as part of your Annual Report, in line with the SECR regulations.

Do you need support with your compliance obligations?

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