Why choose Imvelo?

Integrating sustainability into your business will allow you to:


● Understand and ensure compliance with environmental legislation
● Embed the SDGs into your business
● Implement an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
● Enhance your skills and gain Environmental Qualifications

Developed from a mission supporting environmental protection and sustainability, and complemented by a wealth of professional experience, Imvelo can facilitate sustainable best practices through our expert consultancy and training.

An award-winning environmental consultancy and training provider, Imvelo utilises digital solutions to provide training, consultancy, and guidance to help meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and deliver extraordinary results for a sustainable future.

We are making the world more sustainable together, through our consultancy and training, and your committed efforts. We provide the peace of mind to help you take sustainability to the next step in your organisation, acting as the extended team you’ve always wanted.


Our 100% success rate for embedding Environmental Management Systems which can be certified to ISO14001:2015 is nothing short of impressive. Whether we are teaming up with an experienced department in a large organisation, working with a small team in an SME, or getting involved in public sector activities, our proven method has triumphed every time, regardless of the industry.

Furthermore, Imvelo is an IEMA Accredited Training Provider, and develops bespoke environmental training, offering courses on environmental management, sustainability, resource efficiency, spill response and pollution prevention.

What our clients say

It is always a pleasure to work with Tamma at Imvelo, she is the only environmental specialist that I have met who is very energetic and enthused in her work. I first met Tamma on an IEMA course that she was running. From there she has aided Con Mech Engineers Ltd and our sister company Henry Williams Ltd in achieving and maintaining the ISO14001 standard.

She comes across as a professional who has a great knowledge of the management systems and is very helpful in the advice that she provides.

Matthew Williamson

Technical Manager, Conmech Engineers Ltd

Imvelo helped a large number of our staff, including myself achieve the IEMA qualification. Tamma provided exceptional training, learning material and environment, which resulted in a 100% pass rate. The course was extremely important to our operation and helped us all achieve a wider environmental understanding relevant to our specific industry. I would strongly recommend Tamma to any organisation looking to achieve similar knowledge or qualification.

David Bennet

Marketing Director, O'Brien Waste Solutions

Tamma delivers training with passion and energy and I’m yet to meet anyone within the environmental sector who is as equally knowledgeable and enthusiastic about sustainability. I found Tamma to have a unique ability to distil complex environmental topics into a language that everyone can understand.  I’ve attended many presentations and courses throughout my career and ever there was an ISO standard on course delivery & engagement – Tamma would set the standard! I can’t recommend her enough and I hope we’re able to work together again in the future

Ethan Clarke

Environment and Sustainability Advisor, JCB

Imvelo has been the most important factor in obtaining our 14001:2015 certification, helping us to build/create an old obsolete system into a working management system, but most importantly….an understandable system. Imvelo will continue to play a crucial role within our plant, Tamma has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to these things and you can tell from the first meeting, she has an amazing passion for her work, keep it up. Many Thanks.

Steve Gilbert

Health, Safety & Environmental Advisor, Gestamp Washington UK

Drawing on the knowledge, insight and enthusiasm of Imvelo to assist with the development of our Environmental Management System has been invaluable. Their refreshing, engaging and confident approach, and their ability to fully understand our organisation, has helped us in developing a strong and dynamic Environmental Management System specific to our needs.

Katie Ridley

Sustainability Adviser, Northumbria University

We have worked with Imvelo since 2016, and are delighted with the work carried out. They fully understand our processes and requirements and are extremely flexible in their approach, to ensure the minimum of disruption throughout our manufacturing facility, but maximum attention to detail while conducting Legal Compliance audits . From my experience “I would highly recommend working with them”

Ian Forster

Logistics & Compliance Manager, Nicholsons Sealing Technology

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