Imvelo on the airwaves: Inspiration North Podcast (Jan 2019)

19 January, 2019

Saving the planet starts with the little stuff.

Imvelo’s Founder and Director, Tamma Carel, was featured earlier this year on the Inspiration North podcast. In the podcast, she discusses:

  • Her work with rewilding hedgehogs
  • Why others should start sustainability businesses too
  • Why engagement in STEM (for all ages) is important for the growing demands of the sustainability industry

Tamma also goes on to discuss her versatile work with businesses in a wide range of sectors, helping to ensure legal compliance, reduce environmental risk, prevent pollution, and work towards greater resource efficiency.

Who are Michelle and James from Inspiration North?

‘Michelle Minnikin is a Chartered Business Psychologist and founder of Insights Business Psychology – she helps organisations select awesome humans and loves helping awesome humans create awesome lives and careers. Michelle is fascinated with humans and loves transforming the world of work for both employees and employers and making everyone happier and more productive. Changing people’s lives is the most rewarding part of her job.’

‘James Eves has had a fairly extraordinary career across many continents and sectors, he speaks 3 languages, has an MBA and his experience spans both the entrepreneurial start-up and big corporate worlds. He has lived in New York, Stockholm, Hong Kong, La Rochelle and has returned to Newcastle to build his empire.’

In Inspiration North’s own words

Imvelo stands out because it links sustainability in business with environmental needs. So not only will she advise on direct environmental issues such as natural resource requirements and waste management, she is able to support with staff engagement, financial savings and business resilience planning.

If you’d like to hear another podcast with Tamma, here’s her interview for Green Element.

Here’s the link again to the Inspiration North podcast if you missed it.

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