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21 January, 2020


Imvelo is pleased to announce that our IEMA Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers course, is now also accredited by CITB.

This service will allow up to support professionals from the construction industry in their pursuit of greater sustainability knowledge, awareness, and practice.

What is CITB?

CITB is the Construction Industry Training Board, which offers all types of courses and qualifications, paid membership, HS&E tests and much more.

You can find more info on CITB here:

 What might you expect to learn on this course?

The course covers a lot of the basics and gives a good overall understanding of the situations, the assessments, and the tools, and is taught through various formats, including practical activities and workshops. It is a two-day course totalling 14 hours, with an online course and an examination at the end.

  • You will be taught to recognise many of the major environmental issues being faced by the construction industry
  • Pre-construction environmental site assessments will be taught to participants
  • You will gain an understanding and ability for identifying constraints and issues that might crop up in future developments
  • You’ll be taught how to carefully manage resources such as stone, soil, air, water, wastewater, and construction waste, in order to remain compliant and pollution-minimising
  • Environmental legislation will be condensed, teaching you only what is most relevant

With these being the aims of the course, the intended learning outcomes can be summarised to:

  • Evaluating drivers for change and their barriers
  • Applying knowledge and understanding to baseline data to monitor and improve overall performance
  • Applying knowledge of environmental sustainability throughout the entire value chain.
  • Demonstrating the importance of implementing resource efficiency and how employees can improve environmental performance.

 The Value of Accredited Training in the Construction Industry

Having a comfortable and quality home that provides us with the means to protect and preserve the people and possessions we love is a common part of modern life. That relationship that we have with our home has had a hand played in it by the members of the construction industry that not only helped to build it, but to procure the materials, design the layout, and hook it up to the utilities.

Whilst our pride for our homes has existed for hundreds of years, sustainable development is a more recent concept. In order to achieve sustainable development, the construction industry is one of the leading figures in making it happen. They are the physical developers, and if they do not adopt the concepts embraced by sustainability, it makes us dwellers jobs as sustainable individuals much harder.

For the sustainability industry to adopt new processes, working methods, risk management, and technology, there will have to be new forms of education, new actors, and new roles which all integrate the learnings of modern sustainability. For these reasons, accredited training in the construction industry cannot be undervalued, and with a highly competitive industry starting to specialise in sustainability projects, CPD can go a long, long way.

Why is now a good time to improve your Environmental Sustainability Skills?

The construction workforce is going to grow. Opportunities are going to be even bigger and riper than before. The UK is about to hit a boom, as the government lays out huge plans to increase construction, with at least £600bn pledged over the next decade. A new terminal at Heathrow, the Crossrail project, and £44bn worth of housing are just part of this project. Because of this, now is a great time to consider improving your environmental and sustainability credentials, especially if you’re a project manager or site managers working in the construction industry. Through projects like the Clean Growth Grand Challenge, there are important sustainability aims within the construction boom that can benefit the environment massively. Read more here.

What does an Approved Training Organisation do?

Imvelo is now a CITB Approved Training Organisation, meaning we provide construction training courses and qualifications to a defined and industry-agreed training standard. The course we are specialising in the IEMA Sustainability Skills for the Workforce course.

Information about grants and funding

We are pleased to announce that IEMA has been given 3rd party status by CITB, meaning that as we offer the training course, any prospective learners or organisations who train with us will be eligible for a £30 grant per trainer.

Learn more about our course offerings here!

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