How Construction Could Save the World

24 June, 2020

Well that was awesome πŸ™Œ

540 #students #parents & #teachers at the BESS Built Environment Skills in Schools conference πŸ€“

Speaking about β€˜How Construction can save the world’ in relation to Environmental Emergencies πŸ‘·β€β™€οΈπŸŒ

I focussed on future #construction #careers and the #sustainabledevelopmentgoals πŸ‘

Awesome speakers, awesome subject matter and information. Great to see Sharon Lashley covering a session on Renewable Energy and Conservation too πŸ‘

All speaker sessions were recorded and will be sent to all 4000 senior schools in the UK πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

Amazing work Kathryn Lennon-Johnson πŸ™ŒπŸ™πŸ™Œ Such a privilege to be able to support this πŸ’œ



Check out the recording of our STEM Careers Session below:

The construction industry is directly involved in some of the most important and significant world-saving opportunities. Construction plays a major role in:

  • the reduction of pollution, the protection of wildlife habitats and the energy-efficiency of our buildings;
  • creating healthy homes that keep us safe and warm, with appropriate light and space;
  • solving the issue of homelessness, and providing accommodation for other vulnerable groups in society;
  • developing places and spaces for a growing and ageing population;
  • providing transport networks to allow us all to move around our cities and beyond;
  • designing tall buildings to solve the problem of a lack of available land;
  • delivering power and energy in increasingly renewable forms;
  • ensuring that school buildings are designed to help students around the world to learn effectively;
  • repairing, renovating and protecting the historic and heritage buildings that make up our towns and cities;
  • planning and problem-solving for natural disasters and emergencies;
  • providing safe, healthy, efficient hospital buildings for patients and medical staff;
  • creating outdoor play and activity areas for healthy childhood development;
  • tackling poverty and inequality with buildings, places and spaces that provide opportunities for all.

Covid-19 will change many things in society, and construction has the potential to solve some significant current and future problems.

Our panel of speakers will inspire you with the amazing ways you could save the world by considering a career in construction. They will talk about how they think the world will change, which things need to change, and the big challenges that you could help us to solve.

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