Environmental Consultant : 10 reasons why your business needs one!

5 August, 2019
Imvelo Environmental Consultants UK

Environmental Consultant : Does your business need one?

Environmental Consultancy now is not just a process but a need for businesses. May you put the reason as complying with the environmental legislation or making your business sustainable, we all agree on the fact that it is a necessity and, therefore, an environmental consultant (also sometimes called sustainability consultant or environmental management consultant).

So the next few questions that come to mind are:

  1. Why do you need an Environmental Consultant?
  2. What is an Environmental Consultant?
  3. What does an Environmental Consultant do?
  4. How to become an Environmental Consultant?
  5. Skills required for an Environmental Consultant?

We’ll answer the first question in this blog, “What does an environmental consultant do” and hence why you need one. Because it is important to understand the role they play, not only in making your business eco-friendly, sustainable and environmentally compliant but also in making it efficient.

Here’s an interesting stat before we go ahead,

The global environmental consulting services market size is expected to grow from $29 billion in 2020 to $36 billion in 2025.

What does an Environmental Consultant do?

Not to blow our own trumpets, but we know the immense value that Environmental Consultants can provide to businesses that are looking for additional support regarding environmental compliance, environmental legislation, EMS (environmental management system), best practice, environmental sustainability guidance, and more.

Instead of simply giving ourselves a pat on the back for doing great work, we are instead going to explore ten reasons that we think your company can benefit from working with an Environmental Consultant (like us).

what does an environmental consultant do - environmental consultants uk

10 Reasons your business needs an environmental consultant:

1. Environmental Consultants know how to maximise your resources
2. Work towards best practice
3. Environmental Consultants bring great ideas from competitors and leaders
4. Environmental Compliance is essential for all businesses
5. Your EMS is likely to evolve in a better way
6. Permits, accreditations, and licenses
7. We, environmental consultants, can deliver training too
8. Environmental Consultants keep on top of everything for you
9. Customers, competitors, and the community: Environmental consultant cares about all three
10. Environmental Consultants provide the additional knowledge that you need

1. Environmental Consultants know how to maximise your resources 

‘Resources’ has so many meanings, but in this sense, we are talking about human resources and the physical assets owned by your business. Through effective environmental practices using the right environmental management systems, your staff are able to go about their work in the most environmentally friendly way, fulfilling their tasks without taking risks.

At the same time, these employees are using resources in the most efficient way, making sure that there is minimal wastage, effective usage, and a conscious application of tools and assets. Maximising your resources is just another way to maximise profits, which speaks to all business owners on some level.

Maximise Efficiency for your business and the environment

Resource Efficiency

2. Work towards best practice

No two businesses are alike and there’s no such thing as perfect, so how can any business know what they should be aiming for or where they can learn the best practices from? Fortunately, that’s the job of an environmental consultant to solve, unravel all of those complexities and put the business on the path towards best practice.

Overnight changes do not result in overnight success, but rather they align businesses and guide them in the right direction. Without the help of an Environmental Consultant to put a clear strategy in place, the desired results may be much harder to get achieve.

Business Strategy with an Environmental Consultant

Business Strategy

3. Environmental Consultants bring great ideas from competitors and leaders

When you work with an Environmental Consultant, you are working with their entire history, knowledge, and experience. This should never be overlooked, as they may have knowledge from working with competitors, similar businesses, or even businesses of a similar size and work ethic.

An Environmental Consultant must weigh up many ideas and factors when helping give strategic clarity, and there may be ideas from their past that had never been considered at your company before.

Environmental Consultants bring knowledge from different Leaders

Learn from Leaders

4. Environmental Compliance is essential for all businesses

It’s important to remember that ignorance is no defence when your business is found to be non-compliant. We believe that a rising tide lifts all boats, and what we mean by that is that it’s important to educate everyone in the organisation about environmental compliance and what could affect them. All businesses must be compliant, so why not make sure everyone is on board and aware?

An environmental consultant will ensure everyone is on the same page

Environmental consultant ensures communication of environmental goals

Communication and Compliance

5. Your EMS is likely to evolve in a better way

You will likely already have an EMS in place, but if you’ve come to this article, you might be discontent with how it is going. We’d like to make the point that additional training and support from an Environmental Consultant can be hugely beneficial to your EMS. Industry-specific knowledge, requirements, processes, and training from an Imvelo consultant who really understands and can work with the challenges and operations of your business is going to do your EMS a world of good.

Environmental Management System - EMS

Parts of Environmental Management System

6. Permits, accreditations, and licenses

Environmental Consultants have various accreditations and licenses that make it easier to help clients pursue accreditations, permits, and licenses of their own. This is a small point, but it’s one that offers huge time and financial savings.

Environmental consulting and licenses

7. We can deliver training too

We don’t just work on strategy, we believe in the value of education. Your environmental consultant is a multi-talented professional who can drive your business forward in a variety of ways. The training and courses they are able to deliver can bring about huge positive changes to your workforce.


8. Environmental Consultants keep on top of everything for you

You’re busy. You have bigger priorities than Environmental management and compliance. You don’t have the time to track legislation changes and industry updates and keep on top of all of the things that you need to. Fortunately, you have us. We love doing this stuff! We are like your extended arms.

9. Customers, competitors, and the community

Reputation is massive, so making a concerted effort to improve your environmental performance, and then getting the word out to customers, competitors, and the community about what you are doing is going to really boost your image. Why would you want to improve your image? It can make a massive difference in attracting talented employees to work for you, it can win you new customers, and it can put exciting contracts on the table.

Environmental Sustainability: Triple bottom line People Planet Profit

People, Planet, Profit

10. Environmental Consultants provide the additional knowledge that you need

Your business doesn’t know everything about environmental management, your environmental professionals don’t know everything about environmental management, and admittedly, nor do we. However, we know how to work together to fill in all the gaps, bring everyone up to speed, and make sure that the future of your company’s environmental management is absolutely bright. We are the glue.

How to Environmental Management

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An environmental consultant provides expertise and support to organizations on environmental issues, ensuring compliance with regulations, minimizing environmental impact, and promoting sustainability. Hiring an environmental consultant can save time and resources, and provide peace of mind that environmental concerns are being properly addressed.