IEMA Certified Environmental Audit

Imvelo will work with you and your team to recognise the many benefits of a good internal environmental audit programme, including:

  • Efficiency improvements
  • Cost reductions
  • Legal Compliance
  • Staff engagement
  • Verification of environmental performance
  • Satisfying customer requirements

Imvelo is a fully certified IEMA Lead Environmental Auditor and is able to provide various IEMA Certified Environmental auditing packages to demonstrate both internally and to external assessors that your environmental management system is effective, active and well-maintained.

Environmental Audit is an essential part of any management system, providing opportunities for internal monitoring and measuring to inform action planning for continual improvement.

IEMA Certified Environmental Audit

Environmental Management System Internal Audit Service

Our EMS Internal Audit Service allows you to concentrate on your business whilst we focus on your internal audit programme. Specific to the requirements of your business, our IEMA-certified environmental auditor will review your audit schedule and deliver your complete internal audit programme with the following provisions:

  • Design and undertake a complete internal environmental audit programme as required by ISO 14001
  • Provide high-quality and useful audit reports that meet all ISO 14001 requirements
  • Provide focused advice on the structure, content and procedural aspects of your EMS
  • Identify good practices, as well as non-conformances and opportunities for improvement
  • Provide high-level feedback to your management team identifying emerging trends, risks, and opportunities for business improvements

Legal Compliance Audit Service

Our Legal Compliance Audit Service will help you understand and reduce your level of risk by conducting an assessment of your business processes against applicable environmental law.

Imvelo is experienced in environmental law and its application to business. We will ensure that your business not only meets the requirements of applicable environmental laws and other regulations but also ensure that you can exceed compliance and aim for the best practice where possible, including:

  • Help you identify and reduce your level of risk in relation to nuisance complaints, damage to your brand or financial penalties or prosecution, which could arise as a result of breaching environmental regulations.
  • Provide detailed compliance reports of your business activities, products and services against all applicable environmental legislation.
  • Recommend how you can ensure ongoing compliance into your business processes.
  • Look for opportunities to go beyond compliance to improve your processes, reduce resource consumption and identify cost savings.

We also provide Internal Auditor Training for those new to auditing, as well as bespoke mentoring programmes.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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