Tamma talks environmental consultancy, chillblains, Barbados and bin juice…

9 September, 2018
On the 6th September 2018, I was invited to deliver the ‘Spotlight’ at the Newcastle Forward Ladies Power Breakfast.
A 20-minute session allowed me to explain my career progression, my drivers and motivation in running my own business and to offer some hints and tips to the incredible #womeninbusiness who attended.

“It was an honour and privilege to be able to share my story. I am humbled by the positivity that I have received following the event. Some ladies said my story was inspiring, some said it offered encouragement for those who were/ had been in similar situations and some said it was just interesting to hear another story from another perspective! Thank you all for your continued kindness and support… I am truly humbled!”

Here’s a recording of the session for you to enjoy (approx 20 minutes).

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