5 September, 2018

IEMA members are working to transform the world to sustainability, all around the globe, every day.

#IClickedTheCode – The IEMA Code sets out how we should behave, operate and work as part of this most impactful and far-reaching profession, and helps others understand the high standards they should expect of us. The new Code gives us all an opportunity to renew our commitment and really think about why ethics and integrity are so important to our work.

At the heart of IEMA is a community of professional experts working to make the future better. Our Practitioner Membership (PIEMA) makes us part of this community.

It recognises everything we’re doing to help make business future-proof while giving us the practical support we need to deliver on our (and your!) sustainability goals, with information, best practice and tools to put us ahead of the rest on ideas and innovation.

IEMA and all its members have a critical and ambitious job to do; to transform the world to sustainability. For that to happen, we must work together to catalyse the transformation needed to create a sustainable future.

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