How to have a more responsible Christmas in 2021

22 December, 2021

Less is more this festive season as many people consciously put the environment before the price. Festive seasons are usually the time when people splurge in every possible way. From electric usage to presents, food and decorations, the dark side of the festive season is that it takes a toll on the environment and ourselves. 


You don’t have to compromise on your joy – The need of the hour is just to be a little more aware and mindful of the resources that we are using. 


Everything from the décor to the cuisine can be made greener. But how exactly? What is the best Christmas tree option?


What do you get someone who cares about the environment? What about greeting cards and gift wrap?


How do you deal with meal leftovers so that they don’t go to waste?


We have the answers to all of your questions and more!

Mindful decor from recycled items 



Use the items you already have while decorating your house for Christmas. Alternatively, buy ones created from recyclable materials or at craft fairs to ensure they will survive for years. There are many eco-friendly Christmas decorations on the market these days.


Instead than purchasing store-bought advent calendars, consider purchasing or making a fabric or wooden one. Year after year, you can fill it with any small gifts you like.


Is your Christmas tree sustainable?


Although fake trees are reusable, they do use resources throughout the manufacturing and transportation processes. If you’re looking for a used tree, go on Gumtree, eBay, or Freegle.


Because they are better for the environment, real trees are the recommended eco-friendly Christmas tree alternative. Buy a potted one that will last longer rather than being thrown away after the holiday. Christmas trees may also be rented online.


Decorate a potted plant instead of a tree, or spray a bunch of twigs and hang decorations from them.


In certain regions, it is also possible to recycle Christmas trees after the holidays.


Eco-friendly options for festive wishes 



Make your own eco-friendly Christmas cards or wrapping paper. Store-bought cards use a lot of resources and are usually thrown away after a few weeks.


Homemade Christmas cards are thoughtful, personal, and enjoyable, and they are often appreciated. E-cards are becoming increasingly common these days, so you may express your Christmas enthusiasm online rather than on paper.


Instead of sending a card, a rising trend on social media is to make a little gift to charity. Alternatively, make a Christmas phone call to reconnect with loved ones!


Recycle as much as you can. Reuse old wrapping paper or purchase recyclable wrapping paper. Old comic books, periodicals, and calendars also make excellent wrapping material.


Cards from previous years may be cut up to produce colourful postcards or gift tags. Alternatively, skip the gift tags entirely and write directly on the paper.


Gifting an eco-friendly friend


While certain gifts must be purchased new, there is no use in wasting money on items that will not be utilised. Gifts are supposed to be thoughtful.


Consider crafting something homemade that you know the recipient would like.


Alternatively, go to local craft fairs, boutiques, farmer’s markets, or family-run companies. These are ideal for recycled or ethical presents, and you may inquire as to where they were created or obtained. A Secret Santa amongst friends or family members is a terrific way to save money and unwanted gifts. Make a list of everyone’s names and put them in a hat.


You can choose a name one at a time, and this will be your receiver. Who chose who should be kept a mystery, and all the presents can be piled together to maintain the surprise factor.


Spreading the festive joy with mindful actions 


Talking about your goals is an important part of creating an eco-friendly Christmas. Talking freely with friends and family might assist to normalise the situation and make it appear less strange.


Let everyone know if you’re hosting that you’re saving enough food to sustain an army. Rather, you’ll be responding to the people you have, and that’s all there is to it. But if you’ve agreed to share the weight, try to dissuade everyone from bringing additional food and drink.


Some of us prefer not to give excessive presents. If that describes you, tell everyone who is likely to purchase you a present not to go crazy for you.


You could encourage others to do the same, or at the very least consider it for next year.


At Christmas, we are assaulted with advertisements and twinkling lights encouraging us to buy goods.


We all like to have fun and enjoy pleasant stuff. But we don’t require as many things as we are taught. And we surely shouldn’t have to buy new décor and dinnerware every year to match a trendy theme!


With a little additional consideration, it’s simple to enjoy an eco-friendly Christmas. You may still have a great time while being environmentally conscious.


Christmas greetings!


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