#ImveloGardenProject – Hedgehog Rescue: Part 2

21 August, 2019

If you don’t know already that I am obsessed with hedgehogs, then this article is going to be both a treat and a surprise for you.

In 2018 I rescued, rehabilitated, and rewilded four vulnerable baby hedgehogs. There was a happy ending for these hedgehogs, but sadly that’s not always the case.

During this time I came into contact with a beautiful charity called Hedgehog Street who recognised me as a Hedgehog Street Champion, and I have now officially aligned with a local Wildlife Rescue Centre as a Hedgehog Fosterer. I regularly receive healthy hedgehogs to foster in my custom made pen, prior to releasing into the wild. I continue to support hedgehogs in my garden by providing fresh water, and poultry cat biscuits on a daily basis. I often drift off to the sounds of grunting and crunching in the garden – and this is what makes it all worthwhile!

Here’s how my story began…

I have been working on rewilding my garden since 2013 as a personal project, and further inspired by a conference I attended with Chris Packham. Here’s that story in full.

October 2018, I found 4 underweight hoglets in my garden, one of which was only 250g, well below the 600g required to survive hibernation! I then found 3 more babies who weighed even less (230g, 230g, 240g). I took them to a rescue centre who said that if I was up to the challenge, I could overwinter them. They had been born too late in the season and would need help.

I wrote about it here

But here is how the journey evolved – don’t you just love a happy ending?

Here are all the LinkedIn Posts of their whole journey with me in chronological order (including adorable pictures and videos!)

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