Pollution Prevention and Spill Response

This course provides an overview of the importance of pollution prevention, methods for minimising the risk of pollution and how to respond to an environmental emergency in order to minimise the damage to the environment and ensure legal compliance.

This course is delivered in house and can be tailored specifically to your organisation’s pollution prevention and emergency response procedures. This ensures that learners know exactly how to respond to an environmental emergency on your site. Our workshops are best delivered in-house, for a minimum of five people.

This course is appropriate for anyone responsible for minimising pollution or responding to a potential pollution incident within their organisation.

The training is an ideal introduction to pollution prevention and response for spill response teams or environmental management teams, particularly within construction and manufacturing environments.

  • Environmental pollution risks on site
  • Drivers for pollution prevention (financial, legal & moral)
  • Identifying potential environmental emergency situations
  • Minimising the risk of environmental damage
  • How to record, respond to and learn from an environmental emergency
  • Spill response drill

2.5 hours

Certificate received upon completion of the workshop

£99 (ex. VAT) per delegate

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