ISO 14001:2015: Leadership and Commitment Workshop

The upgrade to ISO 14001:2015 introduces additional requirements for the leadership on sustainable business operations. Our workshops are best delivered in-house, for a minimum of five people.

This course will provide your senior management team with ideas for environmental improvements and information on programmes that can provide the skills for your workforce. It will specifically assist your business in meeting the following new standard requirements;

  • Clause 4.1 – ‘Understanding the organisation and its context’
  • Clause 5.1 – ‘Leadership and commitment.’

Being a sustainable business means balancing the ‘triple bottom line’ of environmentally responsibility, consideration of society, and financially profitable. A sustainable business has environmental considerations included in their strategic business planning and at the core of their corporate ethos.

The course has been developed specifically for senior management in an organization, updating on the new changes to ISO14001 introduced in September 2015 and how it relates to future business operations.


  • Understanding the changes to ISO 14001:2015 and their intent.
  • Identify and plan actions to enable an organisation to conform to, and so realise the benefits of, the new requirements.
  • Assisted PESTLE Analysis to understand the context of the organisation and to identify future objectives and targets.

Half day

Certificate received upon completion of the workshop

£150 (ex. VAT) per delegate

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