Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) : Advanced Level Waste Smart

The WasteSmart training programme is specially designed to help employees consider resources and waste in everything they do in order to have a positive impact on:

  • Improving resource use
  • Cutting waste
  • Complying with waste regulations
  • Demonstrating commitment to improved environmental performance
  • Saving money – as well as the planet

Anyone who has a responsibility for managing waste within their organisation and who needs to learn how to carry out waste auditing.

  • Waste as a resource – what is waste?
  • Environmental impact of Waste
  • Cost of Managing waste
  • Understanding and applying the Waste Hierarchy
  • Waste legislation and compliance with the Law
  • How to carry out a basic waste audit
  • How to implement improvements as a result of an audit
  • How to monitor and evaluate improvements from an audit

This course results in a formal certificate valid for 3 years upon completion of a written assessment.

CIWM Certified

£275 (ex. VAT) per delegate

This course is delivered by our CIEH accredited associates at EnviroUK Consultants Ltd.