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Imvelo’s Environmental blog aims to create conversations on environmental awareness and topics around sustainability to help businesses and individuals become conscious for the planet.

Our environmental blog, as the name suggests, covers topics ranging from environmental impact, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and climate action to environmental legislation, circular economy, B corps, conscious fashion and everything to create good for people as well as the planet.

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What is GHG Protocol

GHG Protocol  The Greenhouse Gas Protocol is a set of specific ground rules that are followed to curb greenhouse emissions. These standards are used and implemented in CDP and other frameworks relating to ESG. The significance of this protocol can be attributed to the...

What is ESOS: Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme?

What is ESOS: Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme?

The ultimate guide to ESOS  It is no surprise that the conservation of energy impacts not only our expenses but also the overall company’s carbon footprint. One of the latest attempts of the UK to reduce the impact on the environment is the Energy Savings Opportunity...

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